Sviluppatore anziano di programmi per calcolatori.
Addicted to ah-ha moments.
I move text for a living.

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My thoughts and ah-ha moments. Opinions are my own (yes rly).

2016.07.06 - Contract testing and free documentation
2016.06.01 - Angularjs and unknown provider
2016.05.09 - Moving between tmux panes à la Spacemacs
2016.02.24 - Studying Elm
2015.12.15 - Loo technique
2015.11.06 - Thoughts on interviews
2015.10.22 - Logging request body in HAProxy
2015.10.02 - Reference an existing IAM role from a CloudFormation template in AWS
2015.08.05 - Building the Atreus keyboard
2015.07.07 - Create a private github repo in an organisation using the CLI
2015.06.12 - Breadth first and depth first, same algorithm different data structure
2015.06.02 - Download ajax calls responses for a set of pages